MapIt - Global trash hunt

by Kristiina Kerge and Kadri Maripuu

I am part of Let's Do It! World movement. My vision is a clean and healthy waste-free world. We are now building a trash-tech platform to 10x the movement &...


The face of OSM in Togo: data analysis and achievements

by SAMA Balémta Aimée

In my session I will talk about the evolution of the OSM map in Togo since the creation of the OSM TOGO community in 2013 and the importance of this...


State of the UK: 14 years of vision

by Gregory Marler

OpenStreetMap started in the UK when a few people had some big aims. For the last year the UK has had an official local chapter of OSMF, and it had...


Mapping A Paradise: Batanes, the Home of the Winds

by Arnalie Faye Vicario

In this lightning talk, I will share my experience in mapping parts of Batanes Islands (I am yet to go to Batanes on Feb. 11)