OSM and Blender

by Vladimir Elistratov

Brightest star among the crowd.

by Akhi Jetra

Mapping our hometown is a great feeling. It is more enjoyable when it is done in a group. The feeling is incomparable when it comes to do something for your...


OpenStreetMap for the dyslexic

by Massimiliano Bernabé

The 8% of the population has huge problems reading and browsing maps because is dyslexic. Moreover OpenStreetMap is so rich of geographical data to be crowded for such people. During...


Mental Health A-WHERE-ness PH: Mapping mental health resources in the Philippines

by Sandra Tabinas

The session will be about mental health care in the Philippines and the services available to individuals suffering from mental health issues in the country. I hope to introduce the...


Improving Public Policy with Geo-Statistics

by Michael Benhamou

Hello SOTM Team! My idea is to quickly dive into a project conducted with the European Commission on mapping the EU budget spent worldwide. Three parts: data collection troubles with...