Lightning talks on Sunday 16:00 in S.0.2

The following lightning talks will be presented in this session. Please not that there is no fix order of the talks in advance.

Blockchain and OSM

by Bèr berkes Kessels

The Telenav Metrics Dashboard for OpenStreetMap

by Adriana Lazar

Telenav's OSM team released a new OSM Metrics Dashboard earlier this year. It offers weekly comprehensive statistics on the OSM map data. Unlike other metrics views that are already available,...


Where is the community?

by Jinal Foflia

OpenStreetMap is a global community that is comprised of multiple smaller local communities that make OpenStreetMap what it is. One of the challenges that everyone who is making efforts to...


Every day I'm mapping

by Ilya Zverev

OSM Streak — makes you map every day by giving out precious points. How many people fell for it, and how can it be even more fun?