Lightning talks on Sunday 10:30 in De Donato

The following lightning talks will be presented in this session. Please not that there is no fix order of the talks in advance.

SotM Asia 2018, OMG Yes

by unknown

My message in weeklyOSM

by Manfred Reiter

State of OSM in Mozambique: community presentation and on-going projects

by RemĂ­gio van Eys Chilaule

Not sure yet. Could talk briefly about the following topics (1, 2 or a combination of the 3). I would decide closer to the date of SotM, taking in consideration...


Mapping Freetown’s distribution water network using OSM

by Alexandre Duclaux

OSM as an offline basemap in QField for the data collection, Youth mappers involvement to map encroaching structures on OSM Collected data shared into OSM