Making a JOSM Mapper's Life Simpler and Easier

by Istvan Vincze

In this talk, the Telenav Mapping team will share some of the custom MapCSS, filters, presets and plugins we use to improve the appearance and functionality of JOSM to make...


A new lightning fast .osm parser


Downloading and processing OSM XML are some of the slowest tasks in the iD editor. As a user navigates around the map, this activity can block other work, causing delayed...


The State of the iD Editor

by Bryan Housel

iD is an active open source project with a thriving developer community. We are steadily adding new features and making improvements that help both new and experienced mappers contribute to...


State of Vespucci

by Simon Poole

Vespucci is the original OSM editor for Android, first published in 2009 and continuously developed since then. The talk will give a quick overview of its current capabilities and support...