Field Mapping tools & technologies

Saturday 12:00, S.1.5 no recording This event will not be recorded.

Paul Uithol 60 minutes

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

If you want to get started on mapping things, be it data on schools, railway crossings, street names, or something entirely different, it's good to think about the tools you intend to use first. Especially if more people get involved! In this workshop, we'll demonstrate several topics related to data collection, and get some hands-on experience on:

  • Choosing what data to collect and why;
  • What data collection and mapping tool to use when, such as, OpenDataKit, or OpenMapKit;
  • Creating a data model and forms;
  • Establishing baseline data; review existing data (OSM Analytics and other tools), review imagery, and set up digitization tasks with the Tasking Manager;
  • Collecting, reviewing, uploading and validating data;
  • (If time allows, more on logistics, safety and communications)

The goal is to give an overview of several existing options and choices to make, and to get some hands-on experience with a couple of these tools!