Navigation Mapping Workshop

Sunday 16:30, S.1.5 no recording This event will not be recorded.

Kajari Ghosh 60 minutes


Your hometown looks great on OpenStreetMap. But routers like OSRM and applications like OsmAnd look at maps very differently. From one-way parking aisles to multi-lane motorway junctions, navigation mapping requires attention to detail and efficient workflows. Unlike visual maps, individual navigation tagging errors are often invisible, but they impact the user experience significantly. This workshop will teach you to look at the world from the perspective of the routing engines.

In this hands-on workshop, take a deep dive into how different tags affect the turn-by-turn instructions that routing engines like OSRM emit. For example, we’ll discuss invisible-but-critical tags like turn:lanes and turn restriction relations that help routers traverse the map and get users where they need to go. Also, we will investigate best practices for other road features such as road classification and road modeling that will power the next generation of routing features.