The road towards diversity in OSM still needs to be mapped

Sunday 14:00, De Donato

Celine Jacquin 60 minutes


Geochicas will follow up to last year’s discussion in Japan about the need to create more initiatives that encourage participation of women in OSM, their active role in decision making spaces and more projects and activities led by women. We’ll present the results from the International Gender Representation Survey, that seeks to understand gender balance, hostile situations and the need or not of CoC in OSM. We found that many contributors perceive the lack of gender equality but do not see the necessity to shift the numbers nor increase the debate because they don’t believe in mapping as a sociopolitical practice and instead believe in maps as neutral and have nothing to do with a contributors' gender condition. As Hanna and Del Casino argue, maps are ‘mediated by the multiplicity of knowledges we bring to and take from them through our everyday interactions and discursive practices’ We believe there is a crucial opportunity to understand and make visible the minorities needs in OSM