OSM and the European agenda

Sunday 11:30, De Donato

Vlado Cetl 30 minutes

European Commission Joint Research Centre

The EU Member States, EEA/EFTA and neighbouring (incl. candidate and accession) countries have been working over the past decade together with the European Commission and agencies to build the pan-European infrastructure to manage and share more efficiently geospatial data. This effort has largely been leveraged through the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive. INSPIRE is focused on the official data coming from public institutions. In parallel, OpenStreetMap (OSM) is an open collaborative project that has created a free editable map of the world with the contributions of interested volunteers. With this contribution, we would like to contemplate on these two data infrastructures and argue that it makes full sense if they complement each other. We propose to cover several European use cases: Linkage between OSM and INSPIRE and the possibilities to improve the quality of the data in both directions; Extraction of data from OSM for cultural heritage and analysis of disasters; OSM for European Commission services as provided by DG ESTAT.