Building up the Microsoft Open Maps Team

Saturday 15:10, S.0.2

Oisin Herriott 30 minutes


Microsoft has slowly been building up it's capabilities for contributing to OpenStreetMap through it's Open Maps team ( The idea for the Open Maps team is to work alongside other paid mapping teams and the larger OSM community to help close gaps in data for areas important to Microsoft. Curating content and contributing to a database that Microsoft does not own outright is a new concept. Our team has been able to ride wave of an increasingly Open Source friendly environment at Microsoft to make this happen.

In this talk Microsoft will describe some of the challenges for setting up a new mapping team within the much larger organization and the balancing act of working with the community while being mindful of Microsoft priorities. The team will show it's focused on quality through formalized training, editor metrics and the development of internal workflows that emphasize quality over quantity and how that ultimately scales.