3D Beyond Buildings

Monday 16:00, S.0.2

Tobias Knerr 30 minutes

When it comes to 3d maps, buildings are usually a major focus. This makes it easy to miss the potential that other features have to offer as we create a 3d model of our world.

Even today, OpenStreetMap contains a lot of data that is immediately useful for 3d rendering. For roads, this includes a range of attributes related to lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, surface and traffic signs. But there's also sports venues, street furniture, railway infrastructure, power lines and a wealth of other details to consider. All of them can make a 3d world more accurate and colorful.

To explore the possibilities of 3d rendering, this session will use examples from the open-source renderer OSM2World. At the same time, we'll discuss the underlying tagging standards – ranging from the reliably established to the excitingly experimental – and consider the future development of 3d data in OSM.