Energy efficient routing with OSM

Monday 12:30, De Donato

Arndt Brenschede 30 minutes

OSM based car routing is in use since many years. However, people are used to accept the traditional routing mode which aims to optimize travel time only. Some people really want that, because fast highways are also considered more secure and comfortable compared to the small and slow ones. But partly it‘s just legacy from the early days of digital maps, when the quality was not sufficient to make a road trip over minor roads a fun ride. Nowadays, the map has evolved and the CO2 discussion as well as the upcoming electric mobility are pushing demand for energy efficient routing. This presentation aims to clearly define what that is, because we sometimes see routing modes that optimize on energy only, which is not efficient. Real life examples show the potential savings and how energy efficient routing can boost electric mobility. Finally, map quality issues and quality assurance strategies are discussed to show that OSM is not just suitable for that use case, but maybe even the best choice.