An OSM embassey—a community-driven non-profit mapping agency

Sunday 16:00, S.1.5 no recording This event will not be recorded.

Ben Abelshausen 30 minutes

OpenStreetMap Belgium

Our community has one goal, map the entire world in an open way. A part of this is get everyone to use OSM, always everywhere. It's still very difficult to get involved and interact with the OSM community as a private company, government or individual (data-users) that wants to use our data and occasionally update and improve it. There is a big entry barrier in figuring out who to talk to, what mailinglist to use, what tagging scheme is approriate and/or what wiki page to follow. A solution to this could be an OSM embassy, driven by the community, but funded by data-users, to fix these issues.

In this talk I suggest a way we can set this up along with real-world examples of data-users trying to interact with OSM. This can be the missing link we need between our community and data-users to truly get everyone to use OSM everywhere.