Form & Map based Mobile OSM Tool for Field Survey and Validation

Monday 10:30, De Donato

Kuo-Yu slayer Chuang 30 minutes

GeoThings Inc.

Traditional field survey and validation based on paper map & form. It takes much efforts to collect and digitize it, also difficult to include the meta-data such as photos, audio/video files, geo-tag location, and so on. Current ODK (Open Data Kit) with OMK (Open Map Kit) is popular and leveraged quite often, however, it needs some additional IT efforts for deployment before starting the field survey.

In this talk, we will introduce the all-in-one service: geoBingAn, which allows users to perform the field surveys just as easy as if they were using Google Forms on OSM basemap from mobile. Moreover, the surveys can be performed by clicking on OSM building object for updating the tags by answering form, planned the Area of Interest with polygons drawing on basemap, deliver the assignments and accomplished message with app notification, and all the collected survey data can be exported in GeoJSON or KML file just with a few clicks from web UI.

We believe this OSM tool will lower the barrier of using OSM data for filed surveyors, and we would love to share this in SotM 2018.