OpenStreetMap My Business

Sunday 10:30, S.1.5 no recording This event will not be recorded.

Stefan Keller 30 minutes

HSR Geometa Lab

Being present on a maps is important for companies. "OpenStreetMap My Business" (OSMyBiz) is a new web application where businesses such as hotels, restaurants or shops, can be entered and managed in OpenStreetMap. OSMyBiz is a domain specific editor designed to be easy to use, especially also by non-mappers.

The main view shows the map with POIs highlighted. On this map POIs can be interactively queried, new POIs/businesses can be entered as well as existing ones updated.

OSMyBiz was inspired by and designed with usability in mind while being cautious about inexperienced users. So, new businesses are entered directly to OSM; but business types outside the predefined list generate an OSM note. A note is also created when existing data/tags (e.g. postal address, phone number and website) have been updated. This allows mappers to check for proper tagging such as opening hours.

OSMyBiz is written in Python and available in English; additional translations are welcome.