Can we validate every change on OSM?

Saturday 10:30, De Donato

Lukas Martinelli 30 minutes


OpenStreetMap receives 30,000 changesets everyday. Bad edits vary from novice mapping mistakes to intentional vandalism. Through Mapbox, hundreds of millions of users now view the map. Data quality has become crucial; we cannot afford to have our products affected by bad changes. We will present how we have built bulletproof protection against the daily vandalism we see.

We will focus on what we have learned from our past approaches to catching vandalism. We will also discuss the creation of a new unit of change that scales better than both changesets and individual features. We have taken on the challenge of validating every edit to the map in the quickest time possible while only consuming upstream edits. In addition, we will explore how the community can join and benefit from our validation efforts.

We are entering into an exciting new age for OSM with an unprecedented number of users consuming it daily, and we are excited to help protect the data quality of OpenStreetMap.