OpenMapTiles: Vector tiles from OpenStreetMap

Saturday 11:30, S.0.2

Petr Pridal, Jiri Komarek 30 minutes

Klokan Technologies

The OpenMapTiles is a free and open-source project, which makes it extremely easy to setup your own OpenStreetMap tileserver with vector and raster tiles. Design your own custom maps with an online editor or modify one of the beautiful open map styles. The maps are usable in web and mobile apps (with SDKs including Leaflet, OpenLayers, Mapbox), in desktop GIS tools and printed outputs.

Learn how to adapt the schema and make your own vector tiles with a customized selection of OpenStreetMap tags or your own geodata - to display in the map the features you need - and how to contribute to the development of OpenMapTiles.

The entire world turned into vector tiles fits on a USB disk - and can be hosted on any laptop, used offline, deployed on a regular hosting or on a private or public cloud. With Docker, you can run the maps in a few minutes on any infrastructure. We support open-source and open-data communities by offering forever free hosting on our global infrastructure.