Completing the Map with Street-level Imagery

Monday 09:30, De Donato

Christopher Beddow 30 minutes


Over the last 12 months Mapillary has experimented with capture tasks to see if we can turn dense image capture into map edits. The initiative is known as #CompletetheMap and works by dividing an area into a grid and encouraging image collection in each zone. As individuals collect images, they get a visual representation of their progress, showing which zones require attention. #CompletetheMap has now taken place on every continent with interesting results that we'd like to share from bike mapping in Ottawa to the Global Challenge with 28 countries represented. We'll also walk through the challenge capture process and solicit feedback on the challenges for future iterations of the tool. The images gathered from these initiatives, together with Mapillary computer vision, will enabled smarter, more efficient, user-driven mapping on OSM.