Switch2OSM: A real enterprise context case study.

Monday 10:30, S.0.2

Andrea Capata 30 minutes


OSM is becoming a more and more important instrument for individuals and enterprises to achieve independency from private spatial data and map providers. Web enterprises can play a big role in enhancing and contributing to OSM, because they not only have great interest in exploiting open geo-data but also in investing capitals to keep OSM up to date. This case study deals with the issue of merging private and public changes, validating public OSM daily diffs to avoid importing harmful changes and to create beautiful enterprise multi-language and multi-style maps. In order to achieve such results, some issues have been addressed, such as the problem of syncing private and public changes, the heuristics used to monitor every incoming change, which lead to the possibility of applying machine learning techniques and algorithms to get a more advanced and efficient validation process.