Network for transport open data

Sunday 10:00, S.0.2

CĂ©line Jacquin 30 minutes

World Resources Institute

As part of an open governance and data-driven cities model, we present an inter-institutional strategy with local communities, for the participatory generation of standardized data on public transport in different cities of the world that can be compiled in an open global platform and facilitate urban research, regulation and planning, between countries and continents. The data in open format seeks to be operable in Openstreetmap as well as in any platform at the same time for citizen consultation, improving the accessibility experience, and modeling with the aim of more efficient and equitable urban planning. The general intention is to share data in the same standard format (GTFS), data collection methodologies, experiences, training in the complete survey cycle to insert the data in the urban planning process. In this initiative, Openstreetmap is both a data receiver and analysis support (routing, comprehensive accessibility analysis)