IT backend of the OpenStreetMap community

Sunday 15:00, S.1.5 no recording This event will not be recorded.

Timofey 30 minutes

I want show that any OSM enthusiast can quickly run his own server and start using OSM data. That any community could launch its local OSM server and could concentrate on creating educational materials and attracting new OSM members, rather than spending a lot of effort on setup computer programs.

In my session will be:

  • introduce myself and briefly talk about my participation in the OSM project and the life of the Russian OSM
  • a little story about the evolution of a simple OSM cartographer in Linux Admin of OSM Server
  • present the stages of creating a site for the local OSM community (domain, dns, server)
  • give an overview of various services developed on the basis of OSM data (Raster and Vector tiles, Geocoding, Routing, Overpass, Converters, Statistics, and other useful tools)
  • give instructions on installing and configuring services and share my scripts for automatic installation.