OpenStreetMap and the future of transport

Monday 11:30, S.1.5 no recording This event will not be recorded.

Michele Ferretti 60 minutes

This panel conversation sets out to verify the role of OpenStreetMap in building functioning transport systems. In the context of complex multi-modal mobility projects, the vital role open data and open standards play quickly becomes apparent. Transparency generates trust within the local community, which is an important argument in extensive public sector projects. Open-by-default platforms like OpenStreetMap open such impactful local projects to a diverse groups of private sector stakeholders and are lauded to foster innovation and engagement. Cash-strapped local government and appreciate the obvious benefits from experiments with open-by-default as a generator of innovation in transportation. In the realm of mobility in cities, OpenStreetMap contributors experience the difference their contributions make first-hand. What is needed from the OpenStreetMap community to use this mindset to drive open mapping adoption?