Wikimedia in disaster management and humanitarian aid: an overview

Saturday 14:10, S.1.5 no recording This event will not be recorded.

Daniel Mietchen 5 minutes

WikiProject Medicine

In the wake of disaster, Wikipedia often becomes the primary gateway for current and verified information on the topic as its global community intensifies its curation efforts around covering disease outbreaks, earthquakes or hurricanes, as well as preventive and response measures.

Likewise, international volunteers of the OpenStreetMap community collect detailed geo data to support disaster management, humanitarian projects and the affected populations, supported by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

This lightning talk - which is to be complemented by a workshop - will outline Wikimedia activities around natural and human-made disasters, as well as preventive and response measures. On that basis, it will provide examples that relate these activities to disaster management efforts by other communities, including OSM. It will also highlight the potential of collaborations between the two volunteer-driven communities and closer integration of their information and data.