Role of mapping in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)

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Laura Mugeha 5 minutes

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are geared towards the successes of the Millennium Development Goals, but with a wider scope of coverage which has introduced a number of other priorities like climate change, economic inequality, and much more. SDGs have an inclusive agenda that is aimed at tackling the root causes of issues such as poverty and conflict with the aim of improving life in a sustainable way for posterity. When thinking about the SDGs agenda, moreover, it is impossible to leave out the concept of mapping. With life changing issues such as the attainment of peace, justice, and strong institutions, the benefits of mapping play a key role in the identification of affected areas which would later foster appropriate planning. The different issues that are addressed by the agenda are location specific, and as such, the different mapping principles come in handy. However, in order to understand the role of mapping in achieving SDGs, we need to understand the issues that are prioritized in the agenda.